What’s the Difference Between the SAT and the ACT?

What’s the Difference Between the ACT and SAT? With the majority of colleges and universities requiring applicants to submit either an ACT or SAT score as part of their application, it's important for you as a parent to help your child decide which of the two tests...

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How to Stand Out

  “How can my child stand out on college applications?” This remains one of the age old questions with the college process. And to answer that question, I’d like to share a personal story with you. Recently, I was at a dance class. Now, you should know that I am NOT a...

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What SAT or ACT score does your child need to aim for?

  Parents often ask: “What SAT or ACT score does my child need to get?” And my initial answer to that question is... That depends on which schools your child wants to attend. Not the hard and fast answer you were looking for, right? However...I do have a great rule of...

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