Welcome to Talk College To Me.

TCTM is a community that exists to help parents of high school students navigate the complicated college admissions process.

Are you overwhelmed by even the thought of the college admissions process?

Do you often fear that you’re not doing everything you need to be doing for your child so that they’re prepared for college applications come senior year?

Do you wonder about the differences between SATs and ACTs, when your child should start studying for standardized tests, whether or not your child is participating in the right extracurricular activities, when to visit college campuses, how many schools to apply to, or the difference between early decision and early action applications?

Do you wish you understood how admissions officers make admit or deny decisions for their applicants?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Talk College To Me is the place for you. Our 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents will give you the knowledge and confidence to help your child get into the college of their dreams.

Keep Calm and Parent On,

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Marisa Meddin

Founder, Talk College To Me



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