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An interview with the founder of Talk College To Me…


Talk College To Me is a home for parents who want to help their children become the best version of themselves. My name is Marisa Meddin, and I’m here to help you navigate the college admissions process in a way that is FUN and EASY.

I believe that attending the right college leads to a successful life. And I’m here to teach you how to help your child find the right college or university, and have the best chances of getting accepted to that school…even if you have absolutely NO idea where to begin the process!

I’m so glad you’re here.


Marisa Meddin, the founder of TCTM, attended The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) where she graduated with a business degree from The Ross School of Business and a minor in Environmental Science.

Marisa landed a marketing internship at PepsiCo the summer between her junior year and senior year of college, and accepted a full-time job with PepsiCo in New York City upon graduation. Throughout her career, Marisa volunteered with non-profits, helping high school students navigate the college application process and spent a great deal of time talking with students about future career opportunities.

After years managing marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world, Marisa realized that she was most fulfilled during her time volunteering with students. So…she quit her corporate job to start Talk College To Me, where she absolutely loves helping wonderful families learn how to navigate the college admissions process.

Because one-on-one college consulting fees are incredibly expensive and out of reach for many families, Marisa spent a full year creating her flagship 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents. Through this online course, she teaches parents everything they need to know to help their kid navigate the college application process from step A-Z.

Marisa absolutely loved her four years in college and enjoys exploring new college campuses any chance she gets. Her greatest passion is helping parents like you gain clarity and confidence in navigating the college admissions process, and she can’t wait to work with you!


I wanted to say how much I appreciated your course last year.  I did your course as my rising senior was getting serious with college tours and SAT exams. I found your course very helpful in that it gave me a more up to date view of the crazy college entry scene and gave me a little more credibility and justified insight when I debated with my very sincere and diligent daughter about the application process, college visits and essays, etc.   Things worked out great. My daughter successfully ED’d at Swarthmore and is really happy with the decision. I am sure I will revisit your materials when my rising Sophomore is closer to her college decision time. Best regards and many thanks.

Susan L.

Has a Senior & Sophomore in high school

I was nervous that I wouldn’t know how to help my daughter through the college process. She is an average student, average athlete, and not super active...but we wanted her to have as good of a shot at getting into college as the straight A, student council president, jock students.

Since finishing the course, I now feel much more confident that I can help my daughter, and I am better equipped to help her navigate the whole process. The course covers everything: what to do during each year of high school, applications, testing, college visits, scholarships and financial aid. I learned of things she can do over the summer to help boost her activity list, and helpful information on writing her essays. I would recommend this course to any parent to help them stay organized and focused, and learn how to help their child with the college process. Thank you, Marisa!

Rachel O.

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

I have found your course to be totally worthwhile and so informative.  I particularly loved the specific examples and resources that you provide.  My only regret is that I didn't hear about it earlier.  Such great tips.  So glad I will have several years before my littlest guy gets to high school, but I am already thinking…..:)

Lisa T

Prior to taking Marisa’s 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course for parents, I was worried about missing deadlines and scholarship opportunities, and nervous because I had no idea how to help my son complete his college applications. After finishing the course, I sat down with my Sophomore son. Together, we drew up an action plan, with time frames. We talked about how he could incorporate his extracurricular activities into his essays, and how to take each to the next level. 

The course covers everything you need to know and more, delivered in daily lessons. It’s all right there for you, including useful files, links and notes. I now feel extremely confident that I have all the tools and knowledge we need to navigate the college admissions process and help our son get into the college of his dreams.

Marie A.

Fort Worth, TX

I now have a much better understanding of how the process works and what I can do to help my daughter to stand out in her applications. I learned which classes my daughter should be taking in high school, when she should take the SAT for the first time, when to ask for teacher recommendations, and the overall steps for how to apply to college. After finishing the course, I talked with my daughter about what I was learning and ways to improve. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!

Elissa C.

Marlboro, NJ

I found the course to be extremely helpful in navigating the college process. Using your advice, my daughter was able to craft a Common Application essay, several supplemental essays, and short responses highlighting who she is as both a student and an individual. She also used your guidance to put together a great resume, and brainstorm additional activities to list on the application that she wouldn't have thought to include (teaching herself a new language, and keeping an art blog). I would recommend Marisa's course to any family!

Maria V.

Daughter in her Senior year of high school

I didn’t even know where to start the college admissions process. I wasn’t sure what steps to take while my son was in high school, when he should study for the SAT or ACT or how to manage the whole process.

After taking this course, I now feel much more confident, and I know the exact plan I need to follow to help my child through the college process. I have already talked to my son about extracurricular activities that he can get involved in, and which courses he should register for throughout his remaining time in high school. And my son has even created a resume by following an example in the course (which he has has already used to apply for a summer internship). This is an incredibly helpful course for parents who are nervous about the whole application process.

Tatyana B.

Brooklyn, NY

I was both fearful and excited about the college admissions process, but I was particularly nervous about helping my daughter pick a college and about figuring out the finances. But after taking The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents, I do not feel as overwhelmed. I now know what to expect, I have an organized timeline for the tasks to be done, and I have a much clearer picture of the financial process. I now understand the terminology that will be utilized on the applications, and can better guide my daughter through the process. After finishing the course, I sat down with my daughter, and we began to schedule additional college tours to narrow down our search.

Amy G.

Manalapan, NJ

Worth every penny!!! I think you have done a fantastic job with this college prep program!!! I just love it!!!!!

Sandra H.

Huntington, West Virginia, Founder & CEO of f.i.n.s.2GO, helping high school students get organized for college and scholarship applications

I loved the course, and it was very helpful for me as a parent of a senior AND as someone who is pursuing a certificate in college access counseling. I think you did a great job of organizing the material into manageable sections. Your written materials are all really nicely done too. I printed them and put them in a binder with some of my other coursework for future reference. 

Penny L.

Has a Senior in high school